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Huzing is the FREE app that alerts you about homes for sale before they are publicly listed and before they appear on other sites. You get the opportunity to act sooner, with less competition, and that gives you a better chance of getting your dream home!

Huzing is FREE so download it today!

Huzing Sneak Peek listings are provided by some of the most well known real estate agencies in the country.

Huzing vs. Others

With Huzing You See Property Before It's Listed

Why Use Huzing

As Seen on 3TV Arizona!

The founders of Huzing stopped by 3TV to talk with Good Morning Arizona host Scott Pasmore about Huzing. They did a great job explaining why they created Huzing and how it's helping people gain an edge in the always competitive real estate market.

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Huzing Features

Huzing was designed to be simple and fast to use.
With some basic information you will receive home listings in your selected locations.

  • Search By Zip Or City

    Enter in as many ZIP Codes or cities as you wish. When homes are available in your select areas they will appear in your timeline.

  • Your Timeline

    Quickly and at a glance see the homes that match your interest. We filter out all the junk and provide you with just the information you want.

  • View A Property

    See all the information for the listing. View photos and see the square footage, the number of beds and baths, along with a short description of the property.

Huzing Android Screen
  • Contact An Agent

    For more info choose "Contact Real Estate Agent" and only then do you provide contact info. You can call them or you can select to have them contact you.

  • Narrow Your search

    See a listing that doesn't fit your needs, remove it with the "Not Interested" option.

  • Share It

    See a listing that you know someone would be interested in, pass it along and share it! Simply click and enter their email address to share.

Find Property Fast!

Don't miss out on real estate opportunities.

Whether you are looking for your dream home, looking to relocate, or looking for an investment, never get beaten out by another buyer, again. Huzing provides the features to make searching easier!

  • See properties before they are publicly listed.
  • Search by ZIP codes and cities and only see relevant matches
  • Get notified via push alerts when a property becomes available.
  • See vital like price and square feet in a quick and simple format.
  • Contacted the realtor or ask to be contacted with just a button press.
  • Simple to use. Huzing works 24/7/365 to find property.

Huzing is FREE so download it today!

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